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     As promised in our last newsletter our fearless leaders Fred Dow and Dave Cloughley have come up with a new destination that promises to be a worthy location for our clubs continuing fun. Won't be as often but should continue the friendships we have made over the years as well as bringing new people to join us. The following is the message I received from Fred and Dave regarding an event December 7th-8th, 2019. Please read carefully, check out the location and rooms available on the sites provided and sign up prior to 10/21/2019.


Dear Borrego Springs Tennis Club,


Dave and I have visited the Riviera Oaks Resort and Racquet Club in the San Vicente Valley of San Diego Country Estates area.  The resort is a Diamond Resorts property. It has condo style rooms which include the use of associated tennis and pickleball courts, and other amenities that can satisfy many individual and group needs. You can view the resort amenities on their websites(see below). We invite you to enjoy us for a gathering encompassing the December 7th-8th weekend and bring friends. Single bedroom cost is $99 plus taxes. Double room cost $139 plus taxes. We encourage you to make reservations as soon as possible..NO LATER THEN 10/21/2019. This date is the cutoff date for these secured prices. Availability is not secured. 






Book your reservations by:

          1. Personalized booking link: https://www.diamondresortsandhotels.com/MKC=GBSTC19


          2.  Reservation  Department    1-800-438-2929

For Reference:

***  Property: Riviera Oaks Resorts

***  Group name is Borrego Springs Tennis Group

**   Group Code is GBSTC19

***  Last day to reserve rooms 10/21/2019.

***  Group Rates:   One Bedroom (sleeps 4)- $99 per night

                                 Two Bedroom (sleeps 6)- $139 per night

***Rates do not include nightly 8% tax, 13.95 tax resort fee, or the $100 refundable incidental deposit(collected at check-in).  See additional requests below.

          VICE PRESIDENT... DAVE CLOUGHLEY    CLOUGHLEY@COX.NET                     
           BARRY FRAHM                                NEWSLETTER EDITOR,  EMAIL AND ADDRESS CHANGES 
                                                 PLEASE EMAIL CHANGES TO :                              BFRAHM16@SBCGLOBAL.NET